Rear Doors

What are Rear Doors?

Rear doors are understated but a stylish addition to your home. A back door is similar to a front door as they both provide a wide variety of different styles and customizations available. 

This is achieved through the design and utility of the rear doors. We always recommend a consultation and an on site inspection. Two locking mechanisms are available to choose from ensuring your home remains secure. 

History and Range of Design

The history of rear doors is short. The rear door in your home is very important as it is the most neglected and most susceptible to harsh conditions and intruders. 

At, Greenwood we treat back doors as importantly as front doors offering a wide range of styles and security features to meet your needs when it comes to style and security.

Rear Doors Today

Rear Doors today through out the evolution of technology and styles have become low maintenance which is very important when it comes to everyday use. Our doors are very durable which prevents the need of any maintenance or painting for the first 3 years. Enduring everyday knicks and bangs.

Customize and make your rear door unique

We offer a wide choice of variation when it comes to your bespoke rear door. We focus on the quality and manufacturing doors based on your needs and specifications we will work on understanding and capturing your needs. 

Below you can find some of our offered options with some of the most common variations. For further options or if you have options outside of what we have displayed below please contact us and we are more than happy to discuss your needs and options.

What timber do we use?

We use sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly materials. All of our doors are manufactured accoya timber which is produced sustainably reducing its carbon footprint and a popular choice compared to other alternatives such as aluminium.

Which Glazing options are best for you?

Security Glass and laminated  glass are an available option for improved performance and security.

What furniture do we offer?

An extensive range of elegant ironmongery options in a wide selection of finishes.

What colour Paint and Finishes?

Hand painted and prepared by experiences painter using 2-4 coats of paint or stain from a vast selection of colour options providing maximum protection.

Timber Options

Glazing Options

Painting and Finishes

Furniture Options

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