Sash Box Windows

What are Sash Box Windows?

Traditional Sash Box Windows are made with 2 sashes that the windows slide up and down using vertical grooves, counteracted through lead weights on cords. Sash Windows are opened by sliding them open vertically.

History and Range of Design

The original Sash Box windows were originated in Holland or France in the early 17th century. Through the industrial revolution Sash Box windows were developed with the evolution of precision engineering which now allows larger glass and continues to improve through design and look. 

Sash Windows Today

There has been a steady decline in popularity of traditional Sash Windows due in part to the affordability and development of uPVC mock timber windows. With their affordability and lack of maintenance that is required. 

Sash Box Windows are making a come back as of late due to their exceptionally period aesthetics therefore, its easy to see why Greenwood Joinery continue to be a favourite with traditional and unique bespoke designs to match your home. 

Customize and make your sash windows unique

We are offering a bespoke service where our focus is on manufacturing made to measure windows and doors. The options below represent the options and some of the most common combinations of bespoke windows which we offer. If you have any further questions you may contact us to discuss further or to request a measure up and a 1v1 discussion of your needs.

What Timber do we use?

From soft timber to hard timber which is dense and resilient from the elements. 

Our expertise extends from soft and hard wood timbers based on your preference and needs.

Which Glazing options are best for you?

When it comes to glazing it is a very important requirement for you and your home. We offer fully customizable glazing bar designs and choice of glass based on your specific needs.

What furniture do we offer?

An extensive range of elegant ironmongery options in a wide selection of finishes.

What colour Paint and Finishes?

Hand painted and prepared by experiences painter using 2-4 coats of paint or stain from a vast selection of color options providing maximum protection.

Timber Profiles

Glazing Options

Painting and Finishes

Furniture Options

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