French Doors

What are French Doors?

French doors, a timeless perfect addition to any home, from simple designs for functionality to more complex designs with glass panels allowing for more natural light and easy beautiful transition to the garden.

With a wide range of choices in paint and staining options which can be coupled with dual finishes on the internal and external sections of the doors coupled with a wide selection of furniture meeting your needs and requirements.

History and Range of Design

The name French Doors is a little misleading despite the name french doors were the design drawn influence from Italian Renaissance architecture. 

This occurred after France was victorious against at war against Italy in the 16th century. During which the french took influences from Italian architecture and art.

French Doors Today

Throughout history french doors have retained their popularity because their design focuses on allowing plenty of light and french air into the home, office or living room.

As an alternative to folding doors, french doors focus on allowing natural light and natural elements at a smaller form factor which is more compact and bring the best of both worlds when it comes to customization and performance.

Customize and make your french doors unique

Our range of french door designs vary based on your needs. We offer a range of internal and external french doors. All of our french doors come with a high level of customization which includes the design from just the french doors to a frame with glazing allowing for a different theme which lets in natural light around the doors.

Our french door customizations include the choice of glazing, furniture and paint or staining options. For further options or if you have options outside of what we have displayed below please contact us and we are more than happy to discuss your needs and options.

What timber do we use?

We use sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly materials. All of our doors are manufactured accoya timber which is produced sustainably reducing its carbon footprint and a popular choice compared to other alternatives such as aluminium.

Which Glazing options are best for you?

Security Glass and laminated  glass are an available option for improved performance and security.

What furniture do we offer?

An extensive range of elegant ironmongery options in a wide selection of finishes.

What colour Paint and Finishes?

Hand painted and prepared by experiences painter using 2-4 coats of paint or stain from a vast selection of colour options providing maximum protection.

Timber Options

Glazing Options

Painting and Finishes

Furniture Options

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