Timber Options 

The finishing touch begin with the details

Our timber options provide you the choice of customizing the look of your windows. Decorative timber profiles work to add style to your windows while serving the purpose of  keeping your windows secure.

It is all in the details, as we like to say. We offer a bespoke service we promote an all inclusive design process where we want you hear what you want and to match your needs. The first step is to show off our entire range of options from sash horns, to glazing bars and sills.

Sash Window Horns

A sash horn is a key feature, this males a traditional timber sash window instantly recognisable. The purpose of a horn was designed to strengthen the tendon on the joint of the window by also preventing the window from being opened too far.

The invention of the horns were invented around 1860 during the time when double glassed windows were becoming more mainstream. The invention was caused by the need to remove the glassing once the glass was being placed into the sash, which caused the frame to be weak and easily damaged prompting the horns to be invented in a smart display of engineering to reinforce the frames withstanding the weight and damage from adding additional panes of glass.

Window sills and extensions

Our installation options allow you to customize the extent of which the sill will be extended over the brickwork. 

The type of sill we suggest depends upon the construction of your property and the brickwork. Our recommendation is based on a on-site evaluation.

External Window Sills

The purpose of a hardwood sill which is fitted at the bottom of windows and doors is to ensure that rainwater is drained away from the window and that it does not pool and cause damage. 

Sash Box Sills

When it comes to hardwood sills it is highly recommended that the sill overhangs over the brick work which may require a sill extension. As standard we offer multiple extensions based on your needs.

Internal Window Sills

Internal window sills is the trim at the bottom of the window. The main purpose of this is to provide additional space for storage or a display of items.

Internal Glazing Bars

Glazing bars were an invention that came in 18th and 19th centuries due to larger glass panes being very expensive to manufacture allowing for windows to be made up of smaller panes. We offer a range of traditional style of glazing bars to illustrate the appearance which glazing bars provide. 

Timber glazing beading is used within the inside of the windows to hold the glazing inside of the frame. We offer to match your current window aesthetic or we suggest matching the style of window profile and internal bead for the most authentic reflection of traditional windows.


Ovolo glazing bars feature a rounded and thicker design which were prominent in early Georgian windows. We offer a range of Ovolo profile glazing bars in a range of different sizes to suit your needs.


Lambtongue glazing bars have a concave design and boast an ornate look which was adopted in the mid to late Gerogian windows. We offer a range of Lambstongue glazong bars in a range to suit your needs.

Casement window drip

Casement windows which are flush with the outside brickwork, we recommended that you have a head drip fitted for the purpose of diverting water from the opening parts of the window. Storm proof windows are typically traditionally include a head drip as they are flush with the frame which can result in damage to the wood over several years of such conditions. 

Head Drip

It is highly recommended to have a head drip if your window is flush with the outside brickwork.

External window profiles

External window profiles are a decorative option for which we offer a few different variations. The Ovolo profile is the most commonly chosen, different profiles have their unique attributes and represent different era’s of homes. 

When it comes to bevelled frames it bring a more flat and streamline profile which is seen as more clean and stylish. Whereas, Ovolo frames have a more curved shape to the frame which is seen as a more traditional option being a more decorative finish to your windows.

Bevelled Extended

Ovolo Extended

Pencil Round Extended