Bifold Doors

What are Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors are elegant and secure. Timber bifold doors allow a creation of a seemless opening to the outdoors with the option of inward and external opening doors. 

Bifold doors is the focal point of any room and through the high customization options of the design, glazing, paint and furniture allow for great design and high performance.

History and Range of Design

The oldest discovery of “folding doors” was already known by the Romans as was discovered during the excavation in Pompeii. 

The folding door style has been prefered to folding and then bi-folding doors as it allowed for more open space and making a welcoming ambiance. 

Folding doors have been common inside and outside offering a range on styles and number of doors based on the available space and your needs.

Bifolding Doors Today

Bifolding Doors today haven’t changed in style significantly. It has been a highly desired addition to any space. The addition of bifolding doors in any design provides a experience like no other allowing natural light and open space for everyday use.

Customize and make your bifold door’s unique

Our range of bifolding designs vary based on your needs. We offer a range of internal and external bifolding doors as well as varying amounts of doors based on the available space. With low profile doors providing a smoother transition from various spaces. 

All of our bifold doors are provided with a high level of customization which include the choice of glazing, furniture and paint or staining options. For further options or if you have options outside of what we have displayed below please contact us and we are more than happy to discuss your needs and options.

What timber do we use?

We use sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly materials. All of our doors are manufactured accoya timber which is produced sustainably reducing its carbon footprint and a popular choice compared to other alternatives such as aluminium.

Which Glazing options are best for you?

Security Glass and laminated  glass are an available option for improved performance and security.

What furniture do we offer?

An extensive range of elegant ironmongery options in a wide selection of finishes.

What colour Paint and Finishes?

Hand painted and prepared by experiences painter using 2-4 coats of paint or stain from a vast selection of colour options providing maximum protection.

Timber Options

Glazing Options

Painting and Finishes

Furniture Options

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