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Choosing the right glazing options for your timber windows

When deciding on new timber windows or doors it is important to consider your needs when it comes to glazing. Traditionally single glazing was the primary option, but this has been replaced with double glazing as it has a much higher energy efficiency. 

Heritage Glazing, Single Glazing or Double Glazing

Offer a wide variety of options when it comes to glazing to match your need. We offer slim profile Heritage window glazing as well as single and double glazing options.


Heritage window glass

We offer slim profile Heritage windows that retain and respect the original aspects of heritage buildings. For replacement windows or making your home for the highest energy efficiency, all while retaining the original character of a building whilst offering modern benefits.

Enhanced heat retention 

Replacement heritage windows can be  fitted with single glazed glass or slim form double glazing which come with a thin glazing unit providing the ideal solution for retaining heat for hertigate windows.

Historic Single Glazed 

We still offer a single glazed option when replacing heritage windows if the planning requirements stipulates this requirement.

Acoustic glass

Acoustic performance glass is a special glass that is specifically designed to reduce noise, this works through the combination of laminated glass and varying thickness of glass which is purposed to reduce the vibrations and noise. Which reduces the sounds which travels through the window.

Standard Double Glazing

Standard doubled glazed windows offer a significantly improved sound reduction when they are directly compared to single glaze units.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is considered high performance as it add an acoustic laminate which significantly increasses the level of noise reduction.

Ultra high performance 

Throught the use of large sash window which allows to fit very high performance accounstic glass which is insulated which offers the best acoustic performance. 

Safety and security glass

The glazing options should be specified so that the appropriate safety and security requirements can be based on the building regulations and type of windows. We provide both toughened and laminated glass for security purposes based on your needs we will recommend a suitable choice of glass.

Toughened glass

Is offered for most glass products, this is often required by building regulations for safety purposes.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is used to both reduce the external noise but it also offers safety and security and is most often required on the first floor or anywhere that is accessible to intruders.

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