Painting Options 

Paints and finishes for every character and style

Painting and Finishes are the final step when it comes to finishing your window, adding color can make a huge different in the look and feel to which there is no end.

What color is right for your home?

Knowing what to look for when choosing your paint color. There are several important factors to consider, choosing a dark or subdued color allows for the window frame to almost disapear into the house providing a flatter appearance.

 Ligther shades highlight the windows which helps create contrast. 

painted door

We offer a bespoke painting service

Different coating and finishes provide different types of protection and guaranteed longevity for our timber products. We offer a bespoke painting service for windows and doors. 

Our painting services entail several different options when it comes to the finish in which we supply the manufactured windows and doors. This includes supplying the products which have been soaked in wood preservative until saturation and 2 coats of primer. 

We also provide a fully qualified on site professional painter who will complete the painting of the windows to a high standard.

painted door

Step 1

Once the timber windows are manufactured they are inspected and sealant is used to hide all of the joints. After this we then prepare and use a preservative basecoat.

Step 2

Once the preservative has been applied the windows are ready to be primed with a water based undercoat allowing for deeper penetration to preserve the timber fully.

Step 3

Following the undercoat the windows are ready to be sanded and the paint of the final color is ready to be applied. Which is done twice in our workshop being sanded after every layer.

Step 4

We recommend for the final coat to be applied 2-4 times to ensure full and sufficient coverage. The painter should inspect the timber and paint an additional 2 coats for the best looking results.

We use high quality materials

We only use the best of materials when it comes to the finish of your windows as the use of poor quality materials would only serve to reduce the look and feel of your new bespoke products. Therefore, we ensure to only use the highest quality paints and wood preservative to provide you with the piece of mind that your new windows and doors will last for many years to come. 

The paint that we offer is tailored based on your needs and type of window or door but our prefered options are Dulux or Johnstones external paint.

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